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"A psychoneurosis must be understood, ultimately, as the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning."  C.G.Jung

Who of us truly knows his true self ?

We all come to this planet with a mission to fulfill – the more we authentically ARE ourselves
the more confident we follow our own path and we live and love this life with our full being.
How many of us still feel truly alive ?
How many of us are full of energy and health?

As there are many roads to be taken and many ways to learn, most of us choose paths to begin with,
that bring us further away from ourselves, which leads to mental and physical health issues.
Why do so many of us need „a little help“ sleeping, being awake, happy and funny or simply not being sad?
Our souls are crying, our minds are numbed.
And the connection between soul and mind is blocked.
As soon as we find our way back on track and we get closer to „us“,
we will instantly feel better, more awake, less sad, stronger, more grounded and
we become - or as the most important first step - WANT to be healthy.
Our built in navigation - our soul - is spot on.

We are all made perfect. And that perfection lies deeply within all of us.
The closer we get to it, the more we feel unconditionally loved.
That navigation is our direct connection to the universal forces of which we are part.

So we need to get rid of all that is keeping us from our holyness, all those
energetical road blocks, all that unnecessary heavyness we are carrying with us.
Let us accept our greatness and let us love this life – healthy and well - by becoming who we truly are.

"Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another"  A.Einstein

Everything is energy . This is a physical law. Energy can not get lost, it can not vanish, it can merely transform into some other form of energy. Energy is movable and formable and energy can get blocked. Like water. If you put a rock into a flowing river, the water can no longer flow freely, but will dwell up and at some point flow over the river banks. The higher the water rises, the more tension is being built up. As soon as the rock is removed though, the water will momentarily stream again in its meant way.

That is what happens to our bodies and souls when there is an obstacle hindering our own flow of energy -
it results in physical and emotional issues, our tension is rising, our "banks" are being overflown.
If the block is removed, it all comes back to its healthy and natural way.

Increasingly often we can only find the solution if we expand our minds,
take a few steps back and look at the whole picture from a wider angle.