Children are our future, a future that comes with a past.
By bringing a child into this world, we are giving a kin soul the chance to come onto this planet to evolve and to grow - and in return we get the possibility to evolve through them. When we look into the eyes of newborn babies, we notice that each one of these unique wonders has a different look in his eyes - some of them seem wise and knowing, others youthful naive.
How is this possible, when none of them has lived a shaping and forming life yet ?
Can this be just character ?
Often we are faced with truly inexplainable situations when it comes to our children, behavioural problems that
can not be referred to rationally or emotionally and we can not conclude where their issues stem from.
May it be constant whining and crying, severe temper tantrums, learning diffuculties, not being "here", behaving like they are not themselves.

Have our children maybe already brought something with them upon their arrival ?
Life is an ongoing journey and we are never starting from zero, not even when we are born.

Energetical healing can bring painless and precise help without having to burden
the child with a complex and longterm therapy or medication of any kind.

Spiritual psychology
The cause of most ailing lies in our soul and it does not matter whether it is a physical or a mental issue we are facing.

We arent simply born insane or ill and have to live with that for the rest of our lives, some souls might have simply brought something with them onto this journey, which may in the here and now appear like a weird condition to us. Instead of analysing or talking about a mental issue for years, spiritual psychology goes straight to the cause of the matter, solve it and the situation and condition will improve.
Expanding our minds is the first step to health and well being.

Ways out of seemingly unsolvable  situations 
Most of us have found themselves in situations we felt trapped in.
We have all been faced with seemingly unsolvable problems.
Relationships that consciously kept us from evolving and still we could not leave.
Having to find a new place to live and nothing openend up.
A certain kind of stagnation in life. Not finding ones way, or not knowing which way to choose.

The cause for all those matters are mostly energetical entanglements which have to be solved.
Again, the approach is not being found in the purely physical world.